If you ask any artist what their dream is, they will tell you the same thing: Storage space.

All artists DREAM of an empty studio, with all finished paintings miraculously sold, all failed paintings quietly removed from reality without decisions to be made, and the only thing on the agenda is the next idea.

This Friday I came as close as I ever expect to having that dream fulfilled.

A few months ago, a lovely woman named Hanna from the Canby Library contacted me and asked me if I would like to have a show there in February and March. I said sure and we worked out a few details.

To be honest, I should have worked harder on those details.

After a few days of daydreams about painting a whole new show (even I laughed), I decided to bring my top ten animal paintings and call it a day. Last year was quite successful, and I still have a variety of paintings hanging around, so I figured it wouldn’t be any problem to fill up the space I remember the library having.

Here’s the fault in my logic: the library has moved to a new, GORGEOUS building since the last time I went there. And this building has A LOT of room. The ten 1/4- to 1/2-sheet paintings I brought were a start, but frankly I could have brought 20 full-sheet paintings and still been okay.

The lovely Hanna hung what I brought, and they look AWESOME, but today I drove up another six paintings in hopes of filling up the available space.

These sixteen paintings are literally every framed painting I have that is fit for public viewing. I even included at least two that really should have had the mat changed (I  made Hanna hang them high.)

While this doesn’t empty my studio (I still have bin paintings (paintings that I haven’t framed), failed paintings (though lately I have been tearing these up for collage), and paintings in progress (ugg)) there is at least 20 square feet of floor space that is suddenly freed up. It’s very nice.

As I was driving back home today, 16 paintings hung in that lovely space, I started thinking about what I could do with this opportunity.

I’m going to have a sale.

I’m going to announce the details on my newsletter (yes, a year between newsletters is long enough), so make sure you’re subscribed (sign up at the right side of the screen). But if you’ve ever thought about purchasing a painting from me, this is will be a GREAT chance to get a bargain.



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