Shows, skies, savannahs, and Sheltie

I survived the Open Studios of Beavercreek show and even sold some paintings! I think this is a great venue and hope that with long term exposure I can build my audience. For my 2015 goals, I will definitely be keeping OSB in my plans!

All three days, after closing “shop” I headed down to Canemah for a quick hike. As I mentioned on Friday, the oak savannahs (which also have the madrona trees) are ripe and literally swarming with various berry eaters.

My ID and photography skills are show to be… well, questionable.

The skies over Canemah this time of year are spectacular. It’s amazing how a few clouds can add interest to the day.

After spending the last week with my mom, Finn is back with me and also enjoying the hikes. I sure missed the little guy.

Finn will be with me this week, before being reclaimed by Mom while I head to Kentucky for a week (only three days away now!) Maybe we’ll call him a time share dog…