Recap of the week

For a long time I’ve known that October would be a busy month; the WSO convention, Open Studios of Beavercreek, and my Kentucky trip were back-to-back this month. With recent events, however, things have gotten a little busier and, well, a lot harder.

Still, the show must go on, and it certainly did this week.

Tuesday evening I went out to Hillsboro for the opening of the Hillsboro Plein Air Plus opening at the Walters Cultural Center.

paintingandiWhile my paintings did not receive any awards, my painting (seen here) “Sunday Brunch” was hung next to the Grand Prize and 1st prize winners: “Now We’re Cookin'” by Sandra Pearce (I painted with  her at the event and rode down to WSO with her… her greatness will surely wear off on me!) and a painting by Steve Kleier (sorry Steve, I can’t remember the name.) The event even got a great write up in the Oregonian! After the event Sandra invited me out with her friends and we had great Mexican at a little place just down the street, before I headed back home. I felt like I pumpkin as I didn’t get home until 10pm. Unprecedented in recent history.

But I am without Finn this week (he is enjoying a vacation with my Mom.) Frankly, I really miss him. I almost don’t know how to cope with things like cleaning my plate without him. He’s coming back tomorrow (Mom too…) and I’ll be glad to have him back, even if only for a few days before I head off to Kentucky.

What free time I had Wednesday and Thursday will filled up with getting paintings matted and framed for the Open Studios of Beavercreek show this weekend. Today (Friday) was the first day and I was delighted to see several friends and fellow artists swing by. I even sold some of my recent, small-size, painting-a-day challenge paintings. It’s a good feeling.


After the Open Studios, I went for a hike down at Canemah (without Finn… I almost didn’t know how to do it). The madrona berries have ripened, so the big scene there was the cedar waxwings flocking to devour the berries.

A few robins even got on the action. The birds are so noisy, and if you get close enough you feel like you are getting rained on as the birds shake loose the berries. But those berries certainly don’t go to waste!

Fall is certainly dogging our heels now. The leaves are turning, and the light is going; even at 6:00 in the evening it’s now too late to take good pictures.


The light was fading on this… but the blur and spider webs gives it a fun, funky look.

I hope to see you all tomorrow.leaves