Tonight was my painting night and I made a lot of progress. In fact, I painted so long I hardly have time to post before bedtime!

I worked on this painting:

egret_1egret_2This background was created while ice painting back in February. I recently saw another artist’s piece doing a white egret on a red-orange background and was inspired.

The image on the left is the egret done in guache (rhymes with squash). The image on the right is acrylic (with a few other tweaks).

I think it’s coming along.







I took the texturing off the abstract I started last week, and I’m pleased. It reminds me of the ocean. I think I’m going to do a piece inspired by my whale watching tour a year ago, but I’m not sure how to get that specific with an abstract!










I also worked on the second of my “Trackside Discussion” series. I’d like to take this up to Equine Art in July, but I’m not sure it will be ready.

trackside2I did a few strokes on several other paintings, but nothing too exciting.