So maybe it’s the cooler whether, but when I flipped the calendar over yesterday I felt completely inspired to tackle a few challenges.

First, I signed Finn and I up for another “walk your dog everyday” challenge through a Weight Watcher’s group. This is the second time I’ve done this, and aside from an acute drop in my TV watching time, it was a great experience.

Two, my friend Margaret Stermer-Cox posted that she had signed up for a “Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days” challenge for September. She inspired me so much, that I decided to sign up too!

I’m going to focus on doing small paintings for my Open Studios of Beavercreek show, but as the “rules” of this are pretty loose, if I can finish larger paintings, I’m going to count them too!

For Day 1, I started three paintings, but only finished this one:

01 - HenTonight (day two) I finished this one, tentatively titled “I’m a Rebel.”

02 - ImarebelTomorrow is my “official” painting night, so we’ll see what happens next!

By the way, I hope you have marked your calendars for Open Studios of Beavercreek! It’s October 10-12!