Saturday afternoon I drove back from the beach with a stop to do some scouting at Rood Bridge Park in Hillsboro, one of three potential plein air sites at the upcoming Hillsboro Plein Air Plus that I have entered. There will be opportunities for artists to set up at the Farmer’s Market, Downtown Hillsboro, or at this park. As neither people or buildings are my favorite subjects, I thought the park would be my best bet.

I am absolutely delighted with my preview of the park. First, delightfully, there is a stream that runs around and through the park.

stream1This stream feeds into a small pond, that is covered in water lilies.

While many areas are manicured, there are wilder, overgrown areas that offer some great textural interest as well as attractive wildlife.

And if want to, there is even some florals to keep me going.

This is going to be a great event!