Sept 1 & 2

September 1

This is the traffic bridge along Summer St., looking west.

A couple interesting notes. I grabbed the first sheet of paper I found, and from the way it’s reacting, I think it might have been hot press.

Second, this really came together at the “calligraphy” stage (learned from the Joseph Zubkvic.) And I had the most trouble with the area I couldn’t see and instead had to “imagine” because of where I set up.

September 2

sept02This is a little ripple looking east.
Today I made a real attempt to select an area where I could see everything I wanted to paint. I also tried hard to paint shapes instead of items.

There are parts of this (specifically the upper left corner) that I’m really pleased with. I goofed by setting up so the little ripple was just out of view, and that’s the weakest part.

Water is hard. Tomorrow I’m going to work on water. Specifically.