A year ago I decided to sign up for Leslie Saeta‘s 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge. I got to day 27 and then life hit the skids

This artistic challenge was good for me and I learned a lot. So when I saw that the challenge was happening again, I really thought about how to do it again.

Option 1: Pick a subject and do a painting a day on that subject. An example would be pears or another subject that could be done in lots of variations.

Option 2: Do a new subject each day (like I did last year.)

Option 3: During the week, use my lunch hour to paint and try to do bigger paintings on the weekends.

Additionally, there are some challenges to overcome in the next month. I have two full work weeks where I will be going around the state for trainings. My mom will be having surgery, and that will take some time. And it’s a month of a lot of fun things to do (OFFF!)

Last year I did option 2 and it was hard. I ended up cutting myself short on sleep to make it work, which makes the whole thing harder. I also spent more time prepping and looking for what to paint that actually painting.

I pondered a subject I felt passionate enough to do 30 times. Of course, horses came to mind.

But in the end, I decided to do option 3 in the following manner: During my lunches I’ll take my easel out and paint at work (I work right next to Mill Creek in Salem and when I go around the state, there should be lots of things to paint); on weekends I will try to work on larger things.

So today I took my easel to work and painted on my lunch.

And forgot to bring the painting home to show you.


One thought on “History repeating”
  1. Don’t forget Van Gogh’s “The Bedroom.” You could paint your motel room each night you’re gone, your mom’s hospital room (I hope her surgery is a minor issue.)

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