1. I’ve been sick with some sort of gastrointestinal malady the last couple of days.

2. Today I managed to take Finn for a quick walk. Isn’t he cute? Pretty good for 13.5!

Finn3. I’m going to be 40 tomorrow. If anyone makes an over the hill joke, they will loose an eye. You have been warned.

4. Monday was groundhog day. Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Here in the Pacific Northwest, Whiskers predicted an early spring. This matches my prediction. I’ll go on further an predict a drought of a summer; there has hardly been any rain this winter.

5. Monday night there was the most awesome moon with all sorts of plane trails. I tried to get a picture of it, because I thought it looked like an painting in the making, but this was all I ended up with.

moon6. I’m up to 30 birds on my list of birds seen this year. Next weekend is the Raptor Road Trip, so I hope to increase that number. My goal is 150 species this year.