Prepped, prepared, and pending

I’m on the verge (four sleeps, but who’s counting) of leaving on vacation. I’ve spend the weekend cleaning the car out and re-setting for “trip mode.” I’ve made lists and begun to pack what I can. I’ve been browsing sites to see if something better could be along the route.

And frankly, I’ve driven myself nuts. I’m thoroughly sick of myself and dying to get out of here!

I’m feeling better, with the steroids finally kicking in on Tuesday. This breathing thing is REALLY nice. I still have a cough, but I’m on the upswing. I hope to start tapering off the prescription in the next few days, but it’s becoming apparently that this “incident” is going to be one those to add to the charts. It’s not going to be a fast fix.

Between playing some more with my new camera (photos below), I actually did some painting today. I’m too worked up to get serious, so I’m mostly just playing. But I’m pretty pleased with “Roll.”


This next one is going in an usual direction. I decided to use my watercolor markers, and well… I still don’t have a handle on that technique yet.

“Prism Paint”

So, I’ll leave you with that (and this photo gallery.)