Love the shine...

This has been an exciting week for me. I have been out late twice! It’s party all the time around here.

The reason for all this excitement is the Rose City Yarn Crawl. I’ve participated in this for two previous years, and it has been a blast every time.

The excitement for this year has been building for weeks, starting with my participating in the Mystery Knit Along with ultimately resulted in this “Rosaria” shawl.

2014 Mystery Knit Along Shawl "Rosaria"
2014 Mystery Knit Along Shawl “Rosaria”

Wednesday evening I went to the first annual “Yarn Ball” which kicked off the yarn crawl. There people wore their shawls. Of the 400+ people who signed up, over 40 were at the event showing off their shawls… in all their sameness and variation.

The "Rosaria" shawls at the 2014 Yarn Ball. Photo by Michele Bernstein of PDXKnitterati
The “Rosaria” shawls at the 2014 Yarn Ball. Photo by Michele Bernstein of PDXKnitterati

Then today I went to lunch with a friend and we hit the downtown Portland yarn shops: Knit Purl, Pearl Fiber Arts, and Dublin Bay.

Many shops are having special “trunk” sales as part of this event, and at Pearl Fiber Arts I fell in love with a somewhat unusual item.

Purple "Birds of a Feather" by Alexandra's Crafts
Purple “Birds of a Feather” by Alexandra’s Crafts

It is 700-900 yards of a variety of types of yarn united by a color. There is chunk art yarn down to sock yarn, varigated and solid, thick and thin. I immediately fell for the color and asked the sales person what this would make. Her answer: “It’s for a knitter who’s out of the box.”

I laughed and that sealed the deal.

Love the shine...
Love the shine…

I’m not a knitter who’s unable to follow directions… I’m out of the box!

This is something that I will probably ponder for a while until I figure out what to do. I love the randomness of it united by the color.

I’m going to need some time to figure out it’s ultimate destiny.

Let the pondering begin.