The last half of December always feels like a march through a marshmallow. I’m going along, trying to get things done, and then something sparkly or sweet comes along. Days off. Fun meals. People you don’t see often. While the time before December 25 (or so) feels like plodding part of the agenda, once the magic date hits, we’re all sort of rolling around in the sugar… cheese… bread…

So, it is not without surprise that I report that I finished some paintings. GASP! Yes, it shocked me too. But with enough time off, I eventually run out of productive ways to procrastinate.

Yellowstone Dancers

  • Step 7: Final details

This piece turned out exactly how I imagined it and I love it. I have stopped because I can’t find anything else that I really think will improve it, but at the same time I feel the urge to tweak it. But I entered it in the Western Fed show, so I have to be done now!


December seems to have ruled by swans. While I can’t claim they are all equally successful (in fact, there is a fourth painting that I don’t want to show), it’s been a fun little series.

“Finley Flirt” – 20″ x 14″ watercolor ($100)
“Glitter” – 15″ x 11″ watercolor ($100)
untitled swan – 15″” x 11″ watercolor ($50)

And with that, I will pick up my marching gear and head into 2022.