This week was busy (I had to work five whole days! It was awful!) and I was tired at the end of it. My list of goals was small, which was a good thing because a large, wet, and windy storm hit Saturday morning (a bit unexpectedly) and even the dog wasn’t interested in venturing out. Saturday, I didn’t even leave the house.

I still am working on “Yellowstone Dancers”, but it’s at the slow stage. After looking at it for a week, I made some adjustments.

Yellowstone Dancers – end of day December 5, 2021
Yellowstone Dancers – end of day December 11, 2021
Yellowstone Dancers – end of day December 12, 2021

I still feel like, maybe, it’s not done. I’m debating with the idea of adding shadows to the bison (obviously rather stylized ones). Also with the idea of a tree in the foreground to give the impression of “hidden”. What do you think?

Yellowstone Dancers – testing

This kind of fiddling about always takes forever, so I started a new painting.

Finley Flirt

I think it needs a few tweaks, but it’s basically done. I’m pretty pleased.