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Trackside Discussion I

The reference photo for this was also taken at Emerald Downs during the 2013 Equine Art show. This horse was being lead back to the barn by his groom; the horse had been hosed off and was very shiny and obviously still feeling the excitement of the race.

This piece started as an experiment; I used hot press paper, and my idea was to do a rich underpainting on the horse to indicate the emotions the horse was still feeling. Then I added the body color, trying to preserve the slickness of the wet horse.

This piece is matted in black with a custom frame; I can offer a 10% discount for $90.

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Distaff Divas

This painting turned out almost unrecognizable from its inspiration. I took the reference photo in 2013 at Emerald Downs during a big 3-year-old-filly race. But when I got it home, I thought it was so similar in composition to “Stride for Stride” that I decided to experiment and then decide what I wanted to do.

I underpainted the horses in purple/red and orange/pink, then over painted in burnt sienna and a golden Daniel Smith color that I can’t reference. I loved the results but didn’t know where to go next. So I did a tissue paper pour and crossed my fingers.

This piece is matted in white with a custom frame; I can offer a 10% discount for $135.