Living in Oregon City, Willamette Falls is a big deal. Many people don’t know Willamette Falls in the second largest waterfall in North America by volume (beaten only by Niagra Falls). To the first peoples, it was also a big deal, featuring prominently in the legend Coyote builds Willamette fails and the Magic Fish Trap (my favorite local legend).

On my normal walks through Canemah Bluff, you can see Willamette Falls with the Arch Bridge down river (north); however, there are trees in the way. I took some photos, digitally removed the trees, then I sketched this drawing, amazed to find that the Arch Bridge wasn’t straight across the river, but actually lowered to the Oregon City side.

"Willamette Falls, downriver" - 2013
“Willamette Falls, downriver” – 2013
approximately 20″x16″ on 140lb Arches

This summer, I went with artist friend Sandra Pearce to paint on the Oregon City bridge, looking south toward the falls. Since this photo was taken, I adjusted a few areas and tweaked the darks, and I’m proud enough of the final result that I recently entered this painting for the Urban/Rural Landscapes show at Oregon Society of Artists.

“Willamette Falls, upriver” – 2014
approximately 20″x16″ on 140lb Arches


“Willamette Falls, downriver” is out of the frame and simply matted; I can offer it at a 20$ discount of $40. “Willamette Falls, upriver” is currently framed and at the Oregon Society of Artists. You can purchase it there for $100, or wait until it comes back to me in early January, where I will honor a 10% discount of $90 in frame or a 20% discount unframed for $40. I hope one, or both of these appeals to you!