In the last year I’ve spent a lot of time looking at other people’s blogs, getting ideas about what I’m doing right, wrong, and everything in between.

If you read a lot of blogs, this time of year you’ll notice a pattern: EVERYONE is recapping their year and planning for the next.

To be fair, the entire country is doing this (there may be a few exceptions) but as a species, humans like these big, round number times to take stock and make changes.

Before I post my list of resolutions, I thought it might be pertinent to post my 2014 accomplishments.

1. I started a website.


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2. I removed 80lbs from my body!

3. I got a painting into the Watercolor Society of Oregon show!

2014.sizingupthecompetition_web4. I went to Kentucky!

 5. My dad died.


It was an eventful year… and I’m looking forward to 2015!