I’ve been a little blue today for no particularly good reason. Today is also weigh-in day, but I was expecting good things and I wasn’t disappointed. Another loss for a total of 29.6 lbs obliterated!

Unfortunately, I still have a long ways to go. That distance is very daunting and a little voice starts to discourage me sometimes. In spite of my progress, I still have so much to loose. Also discouraging is that no one really notices any changes. Hardly even me. Yes, things are getting loose, but really…

Me the day before I started Weight Watchers, 29.6 lbs heavier than today.
Me, this evening, after 8 weeks on Weight Watchers (less 29.6 lbs)

There is just not a HUGE difference.

But as I was giving myself a little pep talk, I realized the similarity of my weight removal journey to knitting.

Knitting is really just a series of little loops. One or two little loops doesn’t make a big difference; a few hundred makes a baby hat; a few thousand a scarf; a few tens of thousands a sweater. No matter the item, however, it’s all just a bunch of little loops strung together.

Back and sleeves of sweater (with ever helpful cat)
Back and sleeves of sweater (with ever helpful cat, Bella)

I am currently knitting a sweater (my third upper-body garment and my first “in pieces”.) I have completed the back and I’m working on the sleeves, which I am knitting simulataneously.

I’ve been knitting on this since the end of February. I’ve been planning on knitting this for two years prior to starting it. My anticipation for this sweater is intense.

And I’m bored. I want the thing done.

See the connection?

Loosing weight is a bunch of little steps (loops). In working on my lifestyle, I am not depriving myself; when I knit, it’s in my spare time or with friends. In one session of knitting, you don’t see progress, just like in one or two weeks you don’t see your weight loss.

These things take TIME! Persistance. And maybe a little humor.

I think I can do another day… and another row.

4 thoughts on “Remember the knitting when loosing weight”
  1. Tara,

    I saw this post because my friend John Saltenberger commented on FB. Then I realized we go to the same meeting and I saw you for the first time last week! I love this analogy and want you to know we all support you! Just keep making the loops…you will succeed! And I can see a difference in your face in the two pictures in this blog post!

  2. Way to go on another successful week, Tara! I can definitely see the weight loss in your face on the before & after! Knitting is a great analogy, and that sweater is going to be beautiful 🙂

  3. I like this analogy. I can so relate. As for your prgress, I am in awe of you, you are doing fantastic! I see a thinner face in these photos, so keep it up and soon it will begin to show where others will notice.

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