I have done many things this weekend, some productive, some less so. Early into the weekend, I figured out that creating a complicated painting was not going to be one of them. I just didn’t have it in me to tell a big story. Fortunately, I was able to use some of my Roaring 20’s challenges for April to get me started. As I’m sure you’ll figure out, April’s theme is color.

Challenge #1 – Subjective Color

Make a painting that uses subjective color. Choose the color based on something other than visual reference.

Fair enough.

reference photo
“Spring Light”

Challenged #2 – Toned Surface

Make a painting beginning with a toned surface. Use full strength color to tone the surface – warm or cool, pure or neutral.

reference photo
“One Voice”

As you can see, there is some overlap between the two challenges.

A final word about “One Voice.” It’s in honor of Black Lives Matter. When I was driving home from dog practice today I saw a bumper sticker supporting white supremacy. That is not cool. I’m going to try to do better about adding my one voice in support of discovering and dismantling the systemic (and individual) racism that plagues America. Also, I’d like to honor George Floyd and all those testifying in the trial over his death.

Other Things

  1. On lighter topics, I would like to wish Happy Passover (late), Happy Easter, and Happy Ramadan (early) to all who observe.
  2. This week I got back over 1000 digitized photos from ScanCafe. This is the 1st installment in a 3-year plan to get all the photos into a digital format. These photos were from about 1900-1940. Next I want to do 1940-1970, then 1980-current. This batch was the most inclusive set because I know the least about the photos. I’m looking forward to sorting through them.
  3. While I didn’t do a lot of painting, I spent some time (again) working on my Finished Artwork pages. The program that displayed the images became unstable, so I had to shift platforms. While I am still working on getting things back up, I’m making progress again.
  4. Next weekend is the (digital) Watercolor Society of Oregon Convention. I am doing a lot of work for WSO getting the workshops up on the web and adjusting the website, but I’m looking forward to being able to view the videos and spend some time playing next weekend. I’m also the digital facilitator of the juror workshops, so that will be more learning!
  5. The WSO Show is up and hanging at Urbanite Furnishings (1005 SE Grand Ave, Portland Oregon). It will be up through May 4 (11am-3pm, M-Thursday.) Make a date to go see it. And, of course, see my painting!
  6. The American Academy of Equine Art published their April Fool show. They asked artists to copy a master’s painting. Nothing is for sale because of copyright concerns, but it’s a fascinating show.
  7. I got my first COVID-19 shot this week. I’ll get the second toward the end of April and then… well, honestly, I have no idea. Nothing will have changed. Still masks and distance and everything. But I’ll consider myself to have contributed to trying to end this silly pandemic!