Bossy Bessie

After the great cow adventure of a couple weeks ago, I had reference photos of cows sitting around all over my studio. So, obviously, I needed to paint a few to get this cow thing really out of my system.

When the Cows Come Home – unfinished version

Cows aren’t really my thing; except that cows and horses are a little like peanut butter and jelly. So, a little fun would be a good thing. I started by drawing, then doing a value sketch of the cows above. Then I moved onto painting. It was okay, but I felt it needed a little pop.

When the Cows Come Home – finished

I added the Caran d’Ache crayon and I felt like the result was nice. I needed a little more cow action, so I drew and painted the pair below.

Bossy Bessies

Here I was mostly playing with the watercolor medium and having fun. Having fun is good, but I don’t see a lot more cows in my future. They just don’t smell as nice as horses.

** Author’s note: I apologize for the short post. I had a longer one planned, but I received word this afternoon that a friend died and I feel sad.

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  1. I love all your stuff. Cows are good, but you’re right – they don’t smell so good! Your accomplishments are impressive!

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