Two years ago (specifically October 2021), I wrote a post about cows. In January 2022, I was notified that my design ideas had been accepted. In the last 18 months, not too much has happened. I was paid for my designs, but the city of Keizer decided to fabricate and install the pieces themselves (a little to my relief). Time ticked on. Then at the end of May, Keizer contacted me and told me the cows would be revealed as part of Keizer’s 40th birthday celebration in mid-June (unfortunately the same weekend as my studio tour.)

The installation happened in the last week, and… well… just look. They are everything I imagined!

There have been a couple of articles on the cows. The first referenced a naming contest for the cows. But the one this week even had a photo of me (I’m famous!) Several of my friends have driven by and say the cows live up to all the hype.

I just know that I LOVE THEM!

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