I know a secret!

I didn’t do much today. My big goal for this weekend was to get the new Watercolor Society of Oregon website updated, and it’s almost 11pm, but it is! It will still be a few days before the technical types get everything just so, but my part is up to date.

To take a break, we headed down to Canemah. After getting a little way in, we started to see these:

Upon closer inspection, they were filled with video equipment. Then we came across a security car:

securityIt turns out the new TNT series “The Librarians” (which shot at the Oregon City Library earlier this week) will be shooting in Canemah on Monday!

So now… you all know this too! I probably won’t go back on Monday, though the chance to see hottieĀ Christian Kane is almost overwhelming.

Of course, Finn was thrilled by all the developments, but we persevered and continued on our hike.

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