Just put a happy little dog in it…

After a long week where my main focus was overcoming the stomach malady reported in my last post, I entered the weekend happily, but with a full schedule. Key was entered in two “element” trails over the weekend and between the drive over (1 hour), trial, and drive back, my afternoons were shot. Thus, between food prep, house cleaning, and other irritating but necessary chores, I can’t claim a lot of painting got done. But Key is happy (and probably weighs 2 pounds more than he did from all the treats!)

Key with his qualifying level 3 Exteriors ribbon. 2nd place overall! Sunday was just as fun, but ribbon-less.

With this in mind, my meager pieces should be viewed more as exercises than full paintings. In fact, they are exercises from this month’s theme of balance.

First of all, based on critique of this piece, I adjusted the insipid corner (loved that comment!)

Then I repurposed some old paintings to tackle a couple of the monthly challenges.

Grid design – “Something, everywhere”

And then…

Spiral design – “The Moment”

Neither are done, but the second has some “versions” for you to ponder.

Hopefully I’ll have more time in the week to come!