This weekend ended up being a smorgasbord of little errands and events that I hoped would help me get ready for “summer season.” I have (probably foolishly) signed up for several events and paint-outs, not to mention “my” big seminar with Ruth Buchanan in coming up in just 8 weeks.

Saturday  morning I started out with critique group (gosh… so long) and admired everyone’s work while coming to the realization that somehow I have done NO painting in two months. I just don’t know how that happened. It seems… wrong.

Still, the next thing I had to do was jump in the car to deliver two paintings for the  2017 Oregon Corgi Beach Day – benefiting the OHS.

“The Sunworshiper” and “The Enthusiast” by Tara Choate – 2016

That little task (finally) done, I did a final hike through Canemah to spread Finn’s ashes.

Though I stopped a my favorite nursery (Bosky Dell) on my way home to pick up some beach daisies, that was basically my whole day… and i was tired and wiped out. I spent the evening watching a couple of movies and vegging out.

Today (Sunday) I got up and took Key to nosework class. From there, it was a putter day. I did some cleaning, organized a few things, updated my calendar, and started a new (but much-thought-about painting.)

Arminda’s Poppies

I actually like it a little better now that I’ve stepped away from it.

Anyway, as you’ll see from the summer I’ve got planned (see below), I’m glad I got those errands out of the way and I can get back to work. I’m going to need to do a lot of it…

List of upcoming events

June 2-4 – Camping and bird festival in Sisters, OR

June 10 – World Wild Knit in Public Day

June 24-25 – Paint for Lavender Festival

July 1 – Deadline to apply for the AAEA Fall Show

July 8-9 – Lavendar Festival activities

July 13-18 – Ruth Buchanan Workshop (see flyer below)

July 13-15 – Equine Art 2017 (Emerald Downs, Auburn, WA)

August 1 – Deadline to enter WSO Fall Show

August 12 – Englewood Forest Festival (Note: My goal is to paint a bunch of small, inexpensive bird paintings for this show)

August 14 – October 14 – An Equine Jubilee, Celebrating the Horse In Art (I entered, but I don’t yet know if I got in)

August 21 – Eclipse and an “even number” birthday for my mom (a coincidence… I don’t think so!)

Ruth Buchanan Workshop