I have a confession. I really hate the promotion side of this whole art thing. I like the painting part, but getting out there and selling paintings is not great (I’m just too much of an introvert.)

However, I have been particularly bad the last few months. Here is some atonement.

Open Studios of Beavercreek – THIS WEEKEND

October 9-11 is the Open Studios of Beavercreek. This time I will be at Studio 1, located at 17612 Holly Lane, Oregon City, OR 97045.

Oct 15 OSBC PosterThree other artists will be at this location. Just remember… the holidays are around the corner. I bet if you stopped by our studio and a few more you’d have that list DONE!

American Academy of Equine Art – Fall Open Juried Exhibition and Sale

You’ve probably heard me crowing that “Shoes and Shadows” got into this show. And if you’re like me, you’ve ruled out a trip to Lexington just to see it (unless you’re already there; if you are in Kentucky, RUN to the show! Fortunately, the show is available online.

screenshotYou can just look at the thumbnails, but take a few minutes and click on the images to see larger images.

Now to do some (imaginary) shopping.