All The Gear, No Idea (ATGNI)

From Photography Slang:

ATGNI: All The Gear, No Idea refers to a person who has bought lots of camera gear and doesn’t know how it all works.

My dad started my love affair with cameras. Since starting this blog in 2014 I’ve actually had two cameras. I started out with a Canon “point-and-shoot” that I had taken everywhere (including on my trip to England) and I loved it. And then, one day, it just died and not even the factory could repair it again. So, I “borrowed” a present my mom had purchased for herself but wasn’t using. It was a big Nikon Camera with a big 300mm lens. This piece of equipment has not been without its challenges; its big, it’s heavy, and for a “big” lens, I’m always wishing for more zoom.

Friday I was intending to go down to visit my mom, but the car went to a store in Dallas called Focal Point Photography. My reason (and this is my story) was that I was hoping to find a used spotting scope. No luck, but a new Canon “point-and-shoot” decided to come home with me.

I did make my way down to the beach to visit my mom after this detour. Friday I hit Basket Slough, the elk herd in Milo, Salishan Nature Walk, Yaquina Head, Newport jetty, and the Coronodo Shore beach. Then Saturday, Mom and I drove up the Three Capes scenic by-way. Sunday I came home with another excursion to Basket Slough.

I’m telling you all this because that is the end of my narration; this trip was all about playing with my new toy!