Pop Fly

This weekend is essentially “the end” of the painting push. I will devote next weekend to sealing and preparing the paintings for hanging. So, where did I end up? I’m so glad you asked.

I have 11 of my 12 done. I’ve marked them finished and they are signed. I’m not precluding adjustments, but I can’t find any necessary adjustments. Unfortunately, the 12th painting is eluding me. I have two paintings I am trying to whip into shape to fill the spot, but both are proving challenging. It is possible I may use my final panel to create a completely new painting.

However, right now, I’ll show you the line up.

But wait, I hear you ask, what happened to the other ones? “Portrait of a Young Lady” and “MY. Ball.” In the end, I decided they were good paintings (at least in some cases), but they weren’t going to be in THIS series. Here’s where they are at now.

So, that’s where I’m at 10 days from delivery and 2.5 weeks from the show. The Salem Art Association has not yet provided my promo materials, but they have added a Facebook event and when I checked just now, my show is on their upcoming events page. Check it OUT!

I realized just now I haven’t shown you all the paintings that were selected for the show. Well, in addition to the twelve in the “Dogs of Minto Brown” series, the following 15 were selected.

It’s going to be a big show. Wish me luck to get everything done!