Finally! A painting post!

Well, folks, it may seem like a miracle, but after two months of painting hiatus, I am back.

I’m moved. I’m installed. I have a nice studio. So, when I got done with my chores today I looked around and said, “Let’s paint.”

I did not attempt anything very interesting. Mostly just coloring exercises. But paint was applied!

I had two sketches I wanted to explore.

The first is a doodle.

It lead to these two paintings.




She wore pearls

Another sketch was a quick sketch I did of a juvenille red tail hawk who hangs around the tree across the street at work.


I wanted to work on soft edges and a limited color palette.





I was having so much fun painting these that I was actually seven minutes late feeding the dog. Finn called the humane society. I will let you know how the investigation proceeds.