Farraginous (adjective): as in confused, messy

This word sums up Salem as a whole and today in particular for me.

I woke up and took the dog for a walk, then opened my email to an announcement that my painting, “Sip” had received a Juror’s Award in the Making Our Marks Members Exhibit at the International Society of Experimental Artists! I didn’t even know I got in! The show is worth a look in general because a lot of the pieces are exquisite. But the artist statements beside the painting are possibly even more interesting. I spent an hour just going through the show, reading about the different techniques and thoughts!

“Sip” – monotype with PanPastel

After some trial and error I managed to get my weekly groceries, then sat down in the studio to work on a few more pieces.

“After Everything Is Said and Dun” – 15″ x 11″ watercolor ($75)

This piece did not end up anywhere near where I thought it would when I started. The reference photo was a bay horse with socks in a green field. But I kept trying the next idea, and this is where I ended up. I’m not sure it’s done, but it’s close. It wasn’t until I put it up on the wall to look it over that I saw the drawing error: the shoulders are too big. The tail helps hide it, but if I try it again, I’ll need to watch it.

“White Tail Guard” – 11″ x 15″ watercolor ($75)

The other day I was sorting through some photos and was drawn to a rather mediocre shot of a deer in a Montana yard. The interesting part was the chain link fence behind the deer which created an interesting pattern. Like the one above, there is a drawing error on this: the head is too big. But the background looks good and there is a lot to like in the deer itself.

My last artistic chore of the day was to deliver a painting to a new owner. I’ve been striving to get my newsletter out on a monthly basis (please feel free to sign up!) and my featured painting from this month sold to a long-time admirer.

“Scent of Season” – 22″ x 15″ watercolor

I’m thrilled it has finally found it’s home!

Tomorrow it’s back to the real world and my real job!