“Okay, kids. I think we need to talk.

bella2“As I’m sure you’ve noticed, things have been a little different around here over the last few weeks.

house“Yes, a few of your comfy sleeping spots have gone away.

finn5“But I just don’t think you are suffering.

bob3“This whole routine about not being fed is just patently not true.

bob2“You and I both know I feed you almost every single day. Turning up your nose at your half full food bowls is just petty.

“Now, yes, as I have been neglectful about mentioning, we are moving.

finn3“Now, don’t give me that look. We’ve moved before and we’ve all survived.

“Bella, as the oldest, I expect you to set a good example. You’ve been through this twice before, so you know it will all be okay.

bella1“Bob, as the confident one, I need you to lead by example.

bob3“Finn, as the dog of the household, and our official shepherd, it will be important for you to keep all the elephants off the property for this endeavor. You’ve done a good job so far, keep up the good work.

finn2“While plans keep shifting, as is the Choate way, the plan at this time is that one week from today the movers will come. We hope. As you can see, we’ve pretty much packed up. They will come and take our stuff to the new house.

“After this has happened, I will come back for you that evening and take you to the new place. Yes, it will be sudden. But I feel confident that you can handle it. I’m the human, you all are the pets. I’ve got it covered.

“Now, the important thing it to remain calm.

bothcats“To remain very calm.

“I love you all and you are definitely coming with me. When we get into our new house I hope to have more time with you.

“So please stop worrying!”