I have been puppy-hungry lately. Not really “puppy” hungry so much as “dog” hungry. Finn is getting older and has never been the most overtly affectionate dog and I’ve been feeling the desire to add someone else to the household.

This weekend a co-worker asked me if I would be willing to take care of her dogs, Charlie and Wicket. After an initial meet-n-greet at the dog park, I happily agreed. This would be a great way to see what adjustments would be necessary if another dog entered our lives!

Let me just say, for the record, Charlie and Wicket were fabulous, well-mannered, and completely delightful guests.

But I had forgotten how much ENERGY puppies have.

They were dropped off Friday at lunch and when I got finished at work I decided to take the crew for a walk.

I had forgotten how hard it is to walk three dogs.

After our usual distance, I could tell Finn was tired, so I delivered him him and went on a second walk with just the new team. I think Wicket might have been okay there, but Charlie ran at least five times the distance we walked, between the front/back/left/right/arounds and he didn’t even look winded. I was tired though, so we headed home.

Then the playing began. Charlie and Wicket are friends and they like to play-wrestle.

On the couch.

On me.

On the floor.

On the couch.

On me.

On the floor.

When we finally turned of the lights, however, they were good house guests and observed quiet time.

I was surprised that Finn didn’t take this in stride. He didn’t settle down all night, to the point I thought about kenneling him. Also, Charlie and Wicket live with a cat, but my cats were NOT the same. I had to do some space management.

Saturday dawned and I decided to take the crew to the dog park bright and early to run some energy out of the crew.



This is Finn after 15 minutes.


This is Wicket after 30 minutes.


This is Charlie after 45 minutes.

Finn went back to the car after about 20 minutes, but at the hour mark I figured trying to wear out Charlie was hopeless, so we started our drive out to Oakhurst to view the horses.

When we returned, EVERYONE took a nap, but as the afternoon wore on there were brief interludes of playing.


Finn still wouldn’t settle and stayed under the desk, near me.


I think his expression really says it all.

I decided to go back to the dog park for one last attempt at tiredness, then we came home for the evening.

I do think they were more warn out than Friday night, and everyone seemed to sleep better.

My co-worked texted me early this morning and said she was home early, so the team was exchanged at the dog park at 8:30 and everyone has spent the rest of the day recovering.

So, the moral of this story. I still think a new dog is in our future… but I can wait a little while now. And I need to remember the energy factor. And the upset-ed-ness factor of the other members of the household.