It’s so sad when the mind starts to go. I called a friend on Thursday (the 6th) night, completely panicked. “The NWWS deadline is the 9th!”

She agreed.

“That’s tomorrow!” I said.

Long silence. “That’s Sunday,” she said.

“No, no!” I said with complete conviction. “The 9th is tomorrow! I have to figure out what to enter!”

Long pause (in retrospect, a pause of trying to figure out how to deal with the crazy person) then she said, “Well, just enter whatever. It’s a crapshoot anyway.”

Minutes later, as we were debating choices, I looked at the calendar in confusion. “The 9th is Sunday…”

Long pause. “Yes?”

“It’s Thursday.”

She made no comment.


This story showcases many things about the entry process, including the panic and indecision of the experience. As I now realized I had until Sunday (today) to enter the show, I did absolutely nothing about entry Thursday evening.

But the time has come! I must make choices! Here I go.

The Choices

I have three shows to enter. 1) NWWS, 2) WSO, and 3) AAEA. The last two aren’t due for a couple of weeks, but my schedule indicates it had better be now if I want to meet the deadlines.

Here is a gallery of the pieces I have created in the last year that might have a chance.

Okay. So, possible AAEA from this list.

I can enter three images, so I’ll enter all of them. I think “I’ll Scratch Your Back” is the strongest, but I have no idea at this point. Any acceptance would be a step in the right direction.

Paid and submitted.


Because I have been struggling to get into WSO, I think I’ll select the strongest, eligible from the remaining.

I can enter two. I think I’ll go with “Totem” and “Hills. Painted.” I’ve been wondering if I would have been more successful with sending in “similar” items, but I can’t keep second guessing.



That leaves the choices for NWWS.

This is a very competitive show. I think this needs something with an edge. I’m going to submit, “State of the Nation”, “Graceful Grazers”, and “Fly By”. All three strike me as a longshot, but, honestly, you can NEVER tell.\

Paid and submitted.


Well, that was an hour and a half of my morning. I need a nap now! Too many choices for a single day.

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