As I mentioned, for the last few months I have been working on trapping and releasing members of a feral cat colony in an “abandoned” house down the road from me using a grant for residents of 97301 to have their cats spayed or neutered for free.

At the end of June, my quest had the following results:

  • 2 kittens (taken to Willamette Human Society and adopted)
  • pet cat – April 27, May 3
  • dark tabby – May 5
  • gray and white female – May 9
  • black female – May 22
    • I caught the mama cat! After weeks of cat trapping ups and downs, the current status is two kittens taken to the humane society and (hopefully) adopted, 1 pet cat caught (twice, the little devil), 1 female cat caught and spayed, and tonight, the mama cat has been caught! I just locked her in with bungie cord, so hopefully she’ll still be there when she goes to get spayed tomorrow! I am so excited!
  • gray and white with broken leg – May 31
    • Feeling a little like the devil. The cat I brought in for a spay/neuter was really mean and sort of scary. The clinic just called and said it had a broken leg and recommended euthanasia. I intellectually understand this is for the best, but I am trying to do a good thing… not a mean thing.
  • gray tabby – June 13
    • Another feral cat to the neuter this morning. It’s always a wow when I see people bring in 12 cats… volunteers for a cat group. I mean, wow! Talk about dedication.
  • tabby (young one) – June 17
    • Official opinion: People are crazy. Evidence?
      1. I got up 1/2 hour early for the 10th time to take a 6th cat to the Humane Society for spay/neuter. (See, I’m crazy too.)
      2. When I get there, there is a small box on their doorstep. Inside the box, a pet snake. [Second opinion: There is no point in having a snake for a pet. They aren’t pets. They must be fuzzy and lick your face to be a pet.]
      3. There are signs everywhere on the property that say: “Abandon an animal and go to jail.” The snake-dropper-offer left their phone number on the box.
      4. Willamette Humane Society does not accept snakes, so now they have to find a home for it.
  • tabby and white (young one ) – June 20

I had four more appointments lined up, but then one day I walked by the house and the for sale sign was down and a crew of workers was clearly in the midst of fixing the house.

I asked the crew leader/new owner if he was wanting to continue with the trapping; he said no, they were going to tear off the porch where all the cats had been living.

Thus ends the crazy cat lady.