Well, I think there may be something ironic about this, but meet my new friend (name to be announced.)

Yesterday, when I was doing the research for my post, I came across “Shorty” at the Three Rivers Humane Society. As you can see, he’s adorable and they said he was good with cats, so I filled out an online application. They called first this this morning to confirm he was still available, so we got in the car to go meet him.

Sweet does not describe him. He’s just unbelievably cuddly. He’s about 2-3 and this (mine) is his third adoption. He’s not perfect. He is a bit of a bolter and need some training (and a bit of a diet.) But he was wonderful on the car ride home and came in and immediately backed from the cats.


Of course, he’s already discovered the couch and various dog beds.


He’s already wise to the flash on my camera. I’ll try to get better pictures tomorrow.

In the meantime, we ALL need a nap.


P.S. If you have name suggestions, let me know. His previous owners have called him “Sarge” and “Shorty.” Those are both a nope from me.

I’m thinking Tumble (and about a dozen others), but I also need to find my file of cute dog names.

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  1. Congratulations! He’s very cute. For some reason, the name Parker came to mind when I saw him….

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