Today I traveled up to Portland to take a two-day workshop from Bev Jozwiak (pronounced Jaws-wick) at the Oregon Society of Artists. I got into this workshop due to a last-minute cancellation and it worked beautifully into my schedule. I have wanted to take a class from her for quite a while. She paints relatable subjects in a loose, “juicy” style that I really enjoy.

Second of two demos by Bev from today’s class.

She started out with a pretty simple demo of a red-winged blackbird (sorry, no photo, maybe tomorrow…) where she talked a little about color theory and a lot about working dark to light, loosing edges, and color application.

Unlike other classes I have taken, the directions for this class suggested coming with 4-6 paintings prepped for paint. The reason for this is after the demonstration, Bev had just work on our own projects while she walked around the room, proving help as requested.

After lunch, Bev did a second demo (show above) on the figure, as she is primarily known as a figure painter, then we went back to work again.

As I have been reminding myself all day… this is a workshop. The idea is to try new things, not turn out masterpieces.

Not masterpieces. Right.

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