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Another last minute addition

“If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.” — Rita Mae Brown

I am working on expanding the pet portrait part of my business. I though a great way to do this, and support a good cause, would be to give a custom pet portrait to the Poker for Ponies auction for Sound Equine Options (happening on Saturday by the way) for their silent auction.

In order to get the maximum price, I thought having an example would be a good thing.

So, I selected a photo…

icelandic… and went to work. In June.

ponyIn July.

thebluehalter_unfinishedAnd then nothing. Nothing. Until three days before the due date.

So tonight I pulled out the stops.

beforeFinally, voila. A (nearly) finished piece.

afterI may do a little tweaking, but I feel like I can pop this in the frame and not disgrace myself. Hopefully all this work will lead to money for SEO!