In my final full day in Lexington, I worked my way through the remainder of my bucket list items.

1. I photographed a foggy day in the scenic horse pastures.

morning1 morning2 morning3 morning42. I toured Darley.

The trophy room is impressive.

trophiesSandra Oppegard (a watercolorist) has pieces in this

I “met” Affirmed (most recent Triple Crown winner).

As I was driving away a horse I hadn’t met on the tour was prancing around in a paddock. I stopped to take a picture of him (he was very pretty). He started completely posing and running around. After checking the list at Darley… I think it’s Alpha.


3. I went back to Keeneland for more pictures (okay, not really a check off on the bucket list, but I needed to kill a little time).

4. I toured Three Chimneys.

Two points of interest. First, seeing Will Take Charge was quite a big deal. Apparently he had only been there two days and folks have been clammering (in some cases forcefully and aggressively) to see him. He really wasn’t scheduled to be “on the tour” but a breeder had asked to see him, and the tour group got lucky.

I wasn’t very impressed with the (human) tour guide, however; she treated us like a idiots and talked about the horses like they were bombs. I understand we are talking about million dollar animals and humans in packs, but to be asked not to take pictures… well! You can see how well I followed that rule!

Second, with this stop I managed a trifecta of the last three Triple Crown Winners!

5. I found a scenic little water mill and stone. And saw a black vulture.

6. I saw Thoroughbred Park.

After seeing Old Friends tomorrow, I’ll go home a happy woman.