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Getting my paintings in a row

Once again, painting night has rolled around. Tomorrow is the final critique group before I have to ship my paintings up to Equine Art.

“Shoes and Shadows” has come back from “Galloping Out”. I made one small adjustment and rephotographed it. It will go up, and I’ll use my new image to submit it to the American Academy of Equine Art Fall Show.

Shoes and Shadows

I worked tonight on finishing “Comin'” and I’ll take it to critique group tomorrow. With their advice, this will be another piece going up to Seattle and maybe even another entry in AAEA.


My final entry for Equine Art will be “Weiner’s Circle”. The tag line for this show is “The Horse and a Whole Lot More.” Each year they have Weiner Dog Races that weekend. Even though this isn’t strictly about horses, I think it will get a chuckle.

"Weiner's Circle" - scheduled for the Equine Art Show at Emerald Downs
“Weiner’s Circle” – scheduled for the Equine Art Show at Emerald Downs