One interesting thing about starting this blog has been that I am actually reading more blogs and paying more attention to what others are doing to market their art (or other business). The downfall is that I now have even more things to distract me.

A few days ago I found a blog called Art Biz Blog. As I was perusing this site, deciding if it was worth my while to follow, I came across a post about what the site and author were trying to accomplish. The advice for using the site suggested the following steps:

  1. Decide what you need
  2. Ignore what you don’t: “BSOS” (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome)
  3. Pace yourself
  4. Trust yourself

This is good advice for a lot reasons and especially applies to deciding my summer schedule.

Summer is not my favorite time of year for a variety of reasons.

  1. Summer is my busy time at my real job (the thing that pays the bills).
  2. Summer is hot. I am not a fan of hot. Over 65 is hot. Over 75 is really hot.
  3. Summer has grass. My allergies object to this.
  4. Did I mention it was hot?

Therefore, it is my feeling that summer needs a plan. It is supposed to be a time of enjoyment. A plan could help with that.

Summer is when a lot of art events happen. Shows can happen outdoors and most people are tempted to leave the house instead of sitting on a couch wearing layers of wool or driving from mall to mall in a frenzy of holiday-related despair. (I love the winter. I don’t shop and just sit on the couch knitting. Good times.)

At the beginning of the year when I sat down and determined a few goals, one was this website. So far, I’ll give myself two thumbs up. I am enjoying the process of blogging and I think I’ve been positively impacted by putting up my work in an organized fashion; at least I feel like I know what kinds of things I focus on.

Other goals:

  1. Beavercreek Open Studios event
  2. WSO show acceptance (still can try for fall show)
  3. Equine Art Show
  4. Oregon Society of Artists / Rose Society show
  5. One summer event

Last week I was definitely notified that I will be in the Open Studios of Beavercreek sale June 6-8. I will have to invest in some booth signage, new business cards, and a hanging system of some sort. This will translate well the First City Celebration Event in Oregon City. This event is scheduled from 11am-9pm; the last day made me hesitate, but they just announced an option for a 7pm pack up.

I also just sent in my free to be a vendor at the have my eye on being a vendor at the Sound Equine Options show in May to possibly get some more portrait business.

There are artists who spend all of the traditional summer weekends at shows. These artists look on summer as their time to make some sales, attract customers, and add to their mailing list so when the holidays roll around customers know where to find them. I’m not there yet. but I do want to add a few items to my artistic agenda.

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