To paint, but not to finish…

This weekend I did stuff. I don’t know what, but the hours definitely filled up.

It was a busy week in general. The fencers arrived on Sunday and by Wednesday the new fence was up, the trees gone/pruned, and I had this loveliness to behold. (Here’s a video.)

In other interesting news, I had guests. A good friend and her father came over to the area for some medical things and they stayed at the house. I’ll have them anytime, because they helped with the yardwork! If I could only keep them.

I did do some painting. I dug out a previously started work, continued to work on Thistle, and started two new paintings.

This is a tragically lame post. I painted. That is the sum of that. I’d like to report doing some of my homework for Roaring 20’s or doing journaling prompts or something. But I just painted.

Maybe next week I’ll be more motivated.

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