I have been working hard. I know, you have no reason to believe me, but it’s true. The caveat, however, is I don’t want to show you what I’ve been working on yet. So, I’m going to do a random post and get some things off my list.

Red Harness

I’m either done or at a stopping point on this painting, started in November. This is a different style for me and I’m struggling with how much else is needed (if anything). Detail withdrawal is a terrible thing.

My 15 minutes of fame

As part of my show at the Canby Library, there has been a couple of articles in local papers about me and my art. Excitement!

Distaff Divas sold!

Speaking of the Canby show, I got an email on Friday that told me that my painting, Distaff Divas sold.

“Distaff Divas” – 2014

One painting down, 15 more to go!

Out of the stealth project pile

I’ve been waiting for things to happen, but it looks like it’s not going to happen, so I am going to go ahead and post a stealth project for your enjoyment.

About 18 months ago, a gal I knew asked me to paint a small commission of a cute little Haflinger for a hostess gift.

I completed the commission and turned in the painting, but haven’t heard anymore about it. I’m tired of waiting, so I’ve decided to post it

With this post, I only have one “stealth project” left in my life. Of course, it’s been in my life for three years, so you may never see it!