The odd fish of the sea

Today I went back to Two Step, ensuring that my whole trip is sandwiched between two excellent snorkels (with some really good ones in between.)

I saw a variety of unusual fish. First, there was the strip-humped bubblemaker.


Next, the unusual amphibian six-legged dog paddler.

Finally, most frightening, while I was watching a cleaning station…


… the largest cleaner wrasse in the world came up next to me and scared the heck out of me.


Yes, my own flipper scared me. I’m an idiot. It’s okay. You can laugh.

flipperscare2All jokes aside, it was a very good day. I got there very early, but I STILL didn’t see the dolphins. I hit the water and when I came out for my first break I got asked a lot of questions about water clarity and general conditions, which made me feel like a real expert.

I had five different eel spottings, including one zebra eel.

Turtle spottings have been scarce on this trip, but I saw lots of other great fish. I’ll leave you with this photo gallery.