It’s that first divine weekend of summer. What did I do? Stayed at home, naturally. My mom and I always discuss our plans to stay off the highway this particular weekend.

I had a busy weekend, though. I did an “overnight foster” (really weekend) for a dog from Marion County Dog Control. Meet Toby.

Toby (also known now as “To-Man” and “Toaster Struedel” is the shyest dog I’ve ever worked with.  His world has clearly been a scary place and he has little or no confidence. What he does have, in spades, is love. I’m tell you, this isn’t a dog, it’s a love bunny (or possibly a house deer.)

I’ll admit that he has found a place in my heart, but he’s not my dog. Still, I’ve offered to foster him until he’s adopted. So, if you know someone with a little patience who needs a daily dose of feeling like a hero, I’ve got just the ticket!

Obviously, with an extra dog, there was a lot of dog walking and supervising. In between, I worked on a new website project (more to come) and actually got some painting done! Gasp of shock.

At the River

A few of you might remember a couple of versions of this painting from my 2016 workshop with Francesco Fontana. I’ve always wanted to give it another go, so I flipped open my notebook a few weeks ago and did another start.

There are still some details to work out, and the water doesn’t look quite right,but I’m making progress.

Marsh painting

I also worked more on the marsh painting from last weekend.

I’m definitely still thinking on this one.

Camas fields

Similarly, I worked on my camas fields painting.

As I was waiting for things to dry, I decided to try doing this sketch using the techniques I learned at the WSO Convention last month from Sally Bills Bailey.

While there are some areas I like, I don’t think she has anything to worry about.

In contrast to this weekend, the  next few weeks are very busy. My local painting group is starting their “Paint the Town” event and the Willamette Valley Lavender Festival is coming up. That moves me into July, and then Ruth Buchanan will be coming for her drawing workshop (there’s still room, please sign up!)

And then next thing you know… summer is over!