With the word “opening” but COVID on the rise, I am very much hunkered down at home. Last week we got word that the work from home orders will extend through August.

Yesterday was the summer equinox. We’re just about halfway through 2020. And who could have foreseen what a year it was going to be! I thought it was a good time to check out my 2020 goals and see if anything could be salvaged.

  • Area 1: Health and Fitness (lol)
  • Area 2: Friendships (additional lol)
  • Area 3: Spiritual development (downright chuckle)
  • Area 4: Work/Career & Finances (doing okay here at least)
  • Area 5: Personal Growth (aka Painting) (I don’t even know how to address this because so much has changed or been cancelled. But I’ve done what hasn’t been canceled.)
  • Area 6: Fun (lol)

So, yeah. Plans.

Still, under the all the specifics I put out these broad thoughts.

  • I will learn: What I like in a church (#3)
  • I will travel to: A new adventure (#6)
  • I will take a class on: A workplace skill (#4)
  • I will meet: A new friend (2)
  • I will create: A more personal painting style (#5)
  • I will stop: Taking my body for granted (#1)

Which brings me to painting.

This was my normal (every two weeks) three day weekend. I spent most of it moving more into the house. Almost all artwork is up. I found a dining table I like. I rearranged the mater bedroom (just need for that mattress to show up…) And I finally got the studio into shape enough to paint a little.

The color is a little off, but it’s starting to take shape.

I also signed up for a six month artistic mentorship program with favored instructor Ruth Armitage. In a couple of weeks the program will start. In the meantime I need to select a painting for critique. And I’m also supposed to journal on one or two of these topics.

  • If I could create art about only one thing it would be________________.
  • I am attracted to _________ in the works of other artists.
  • A creative stumbling block for me is __________.
  • My favorite thing about making art is _____________.

I’m pondering these really hard.