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Student Issues

One of the perks of being an adult (there really aren’t too many when you think about it) is the right to go off track when you take a class without anyone scolding you.

This is, obviously, is a mixed blessing. While it can be fun to run off on a tangent, if you are earnestly trying to learn something and a shiny object distracts you, well, your choice is to take the class again or put on your grown-up blinders.

Last week (week 5 of Messy Palette Club), for various reasons, I wasn’t inspired by the topic. At the very least I just didn’t want to. So I got to thinking about how to make my horse paintings more simple (the topic of the Messy Palette Club Summer Session is simplicity) and I started going through photos.

Next thing I know, this photo caught my attention.

secret strategy

The pencil came out… then a peach wash… and tonight I’m contemplating the finishing touches on this.

"Secret Strategy" - 22"x15" - unfinished
“Secret Strategy” – 22″x15″ – unfinished

The jockey’s face needs some more work. And I may add some more highlights to the tack.

But this was so much fun, I started another one tonight. Here’s my reference photo.


And here’s my start.

“Chased by Darkness” – 22’x15″ – start

I’d say something about how I should go off track more often, but really… I don’t think I need more encouragement to do that.