Six days to go

With today’s painting, I just have six days left in my painting a day challenge. While this has been fun, it’s also been very tiring and I’ll be glad to go back to painting on a less competitive schedule.

24 - hummingbirdAfter work I headed out to Canemah, and while hiking, I saw the inspiration for this painting. He was talking up a storm and I admired him for a while before heading off.

Fall rain has started, and the flower and leaves that have been hanging on but getting brittle, are now hanging in tatters. Also, all the small animals that have been hanging around were seen: a frog jumped out in front of me, I saw a snail along the trail, and the birds are definitely talking again.

The sky was just starting to turn to sunset when we headed home.

endofwalkThis evening I worked on the hummingbird, started the background for another painting, and finished my Wild Arts Festival piece. I will turn it in tomorrow.

17 - ospreycollage_final