I’m beginning to wonder about my integrity based on my headlines that last week, but the fact of the matter is that I can only make paint dry so fast, and I need to go to to bed.

Today was an art-filled day. I went to Art in the Pearl with a friend. It’s an extremely high-quality local art festival that I go to most years. They do a good job of keeping it fresh by cycling through familiar, local faces like Marla Baggetta (I want to take a class from her) and Kimberly Morris (I want one of her rugs) with out-of-town and newer artists like Scott Olson and my new favorite, William Kwamena-Poh.

Scott Olson’s booth

After this adventure, I went to Blick’s to load up on a few artist necessities: yellow paint, a larger Gelli plate, and matte medium. I also signed out a canvas for the 6×6 Wild Art Project.

On my way home I stopped by the library to pick up a couple of landscape painting books for my plein air endeavors for the rest of the month.

Then I met with my co-chair for the 2016 Oregon City Watercolor Society of Convention.

And at 8:00 I finally sat down to paint.

Because I didn’t have a lot of extra time, I decided to work on my 6×6 canvas. I also decided to use one of my marbling papers for a base.

birdsMy next step will be to add black pen to this, but with the paint wet, it’s just not possible tonight.

I used up the extra red and yellow paint making this.

colorstartThis could make a stunning sunset painting…