A couple of days ago I finally got over my inertia and sent out my newsletter, updating my list of events in the next few months.

Sending out a newsletter is always an interesting experience. I don’t want to be too pushy (come and buy my art!) but I also want people to get the idea that I am doing new things and want to sell them. I send the list out to family, friends, clients, and a few fellow artists; and I always get back an interesting array of comments.

Some people use the opportunity to take care of “that nagging piece of business.”

Some people treat the newsletter like a personal note and write back how they are doing too.

And then there is the comment that reminds me why I’m doing this. From my friend Sandra Pearce:

Tara, I’m glad you are keeping your hand in this summer. It is tough, working FT and trying to make it as an artist.

I’m encouraging you to enter the Equine art juried show. It’s hands-down you won’t get in if you don’t try. Consider the fee and experience an investment in your artist-self.

I for one, have almost enough rejection letters to paper a small guest room. I am working on the master suite now. Someone said they entered a show 17 years before they got in. So I have a way to go yet. I figure I have to pay my dues.

But something else also happens. Judges and many others are seeing your work and your name – even if you don’t get in, people begin to remember you. All the pieces begin to add up to recognition and opportunities.

You are good at equine art. Yours may be different than what they already have, and they do want that variety. Same ol’ is boring.  I hope you enter, you can make it!

And huge congratulations on your Solo show – That is MAJOR! The works are lovely!!

So with these words in mind, I returned to my “easel” this Wednesday night.