Right up front I’m gonna apologize for the poor quality images today; I forgot my camera and took these with my Kindle. They are blown out, skewed, and cut off weirdly.

At any rate, today was day two of the Ruth Ellen Hoag workshop. The “focus” of the day was working inside-to-outside and small-to-big.

I got a little ahead of the game in the morning and decided to start a “redo” of “Night Racing” while waiting for directions.

[image removed]


This still needs some work, but I see a lot of progress in the cleaner colors, “more-me” shapes, and better placement/resolution of issues.

Once instructions were given, I began work on this painting.

[image removed]


This still needs A LOT of work. And I got distracted with a variety of issues (the blue shadows, the white paper to name a few). There is at least one major composition error to fix. And I tried the new technique of working inside-to-outside and small-to-big.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.