It’s been a busy day, full of my usual Saturday things. I went to the Farmer’s Market, an art class with Patricia Schmidt, dropped off a piece of art at Grapevine Gallery for the Open Studios of Beavercreek show, then went out to the barn to muck stalls for Sound Equine Options. My last stop of the day was a hike in Canemah.

During my adventures I had some great birding. On my way out to SEO I saw a flock of vultures working over some roadkill. Okay, the roadkill part was not attractive, but I did get some great vulture reference shots.










birdThen while hiking, I caught a pretty good photo of what I think is a ruby-crowned kinglet (female) gathering nest materials (it looks like maybe some spider webs?

But the best moment was when I was walking by the old broken pine that I call “Windwalker” an osprey flew up with his catch. I wasn’t able to get any good action shots of him arriving or leaving, but it was so close I could almost figure out what kind of fish he had!

I feel another painting coming on.