Late last week my boss came to me and asked where the October report was. I looked at her dumbfounded.

“It’s October?”

I’m not sure why this was a shock to me. I should have figured out it was October when my convention happened. But after all that was over, it’s like I went into a sort of temporary numbness. I went to work, I did normal things. Time just wasn’t happening.

And now it’s November. The clocks are falling back. I should take the opportunity to evaluate all my clocks.

So, in that spirit, I ventured into my studio this afternoon and spent the majority of this rainy day in there laboring on a surprising number of works in progress.

Watercolor Society of Oregon Spring Show Entries

I am delighted to tell you all that I made the WSO deadline and submitted these two paintings for the show. It will be a while before I know if one of them got in. The spring show is “Aqueous Media” because acrylic is allowed; “The Turn” can only be entered in this show because it has acrylic on it.

[image removed]

Corgi Beach Day 2016

Next, I have been working on a double of paintings inspired my trip up to Cannon Beach in July with Key for Corgi Beach Day 2016.

[image removed]

Keeneland Morning

Last (I’ve actually been working on these the longest) are a couple of paintings inspired by reference photos I took at Keeneland in 2014. I got a little distracted from my goal of horse feet, but I’ve enjoyed working on paintings focused on light and dark.

[image removed]

Yes, you saw this one above, but it’s worth showing again.


Finally, I’ve finally painted in the American kestrel for this painting, started at Margaret Godfrey’s workshop in May.

[image removed]

I’m liking it. I’m thinking about adding some acrylic to the branches to punch up the color.

Well, my mind may have been elsewhere, but at least some good painting has been happening!